Thursday, November 12, 2009

I need to write some new stuff here...

Maybe I'll turn this into a poetry blog. A cat poetry blog.


By Allie

Cats are orange and stripey.


Or black.

Uh-oh don't let it cross your path!

But really, where hasn't a black cat crossed

Probably some places

Like the Sahara Desert

Or Walgreen's

Or McDonald's

But I'm almost certain cats have been in Mcdonald's

Whether or not they were black though...

I don't know

Is this even a poem?

The answer is yes.


dogimo said...

the answer is yes
it's always yes
the question is crafted
to shape it so

it wasn't rhetorical, no
it demanded an answer be made
but it wasn't a guess

Figworth said...

I have a guess
why the answer was yes
because when you rhyme
well, most of the time
the end's the same.
(this last line's lame)

Nikole said...

A black cat in McDonald's
I've never seen
But there's totally an orange stripey cat
That lives in the bushes
Of the one by my house

Carlston said...

I love lamp,
and vamp
and like tires
this poem keeps rolling
and stolling along
like a song
or a person
in a thong
I cant rhyme,
or keep time
and i'm running late for work