Monday, March 15, 2010

*BONUS* Cake Versus Pie: A Comparison

This chart didn't make the cut for my Cake versus Pie post, but I spent a lot of time working on it, so I thought I'd post it here:


Kalisa said...

I clicked on the Red Raspberry Filling ad in the side bar. You probably don't want to see it. You know those little drink mix packets that turn water bottles into Crystal Lite? They look like that, only they're clear. And the red raspberry filling looks like a blood product. They're like drink packets for vampires. Which almost never pop out of pies.

Ed said...


Although, certain pies are good.

Coconut Creme is the BOMB!

Sarah said...

I'm going to go ahead and help you out on getting more cat ads by saying cats are less likely to have licked a pie before you eat it. Cats will lick frosting but they probably won't lick crust - or crumble.

Sarah said...

Did you know that for the low, low cost of $4,600, you could travel to Spitsbergen, otherwise known as "The Realm of the Polar Bear."

9 day trip, dude. next available departure: Wed., July 14, 2010.

But the best part, if you don't get eaten by polar bears, is that on Day 9 ...
"Day 9 Depart Longyearbyen (B)
We arrive in Longyearbyen in the early morning for disembarkation."

... you get to use the term "disembarkation."

Nali said...

Oh my god. I had totally not thought of Zombie Cake Strippers. There was a hole in my Zompocalypse Preparedness Plan.

Thank you. I can now add this possible scenario in. I will sleep better today. Well, once I work out the details, anyways.

Schip said...

I think you find a way to create a merchandise item that serves this function --> in the shape of a pie stripper.

Funny and functional!