Friday, October 16, 2009

Adsense Thinks I Like Cat Diarrhea - And I Intend to Reinforce That Notion

So every time I want to comment about a weird ad that Google puts on my page, I have to mention the ad, which reinforces Google's mistaken impression that I enjoy writing about cat diarrhea.

Cat diarrhea.

Cat diarrhea.

Cat diarrhea.

Cat diarrhea.

Cat diarrhea.

Holy crap. I am never going to live this down. If I ever want to turn this into a respectable site I am so screwed.

Why would I want to turn this into a respectable site?

I wouldn't

And that is why I am going to say cat diarrhea again. Just in case I ever do decide in the future to try to make this into a respectable site. I will be deterred.

UPDATE: I just realized that this whole "cat diarrhea" thing is probably due to the fact that I talk about cats a lot and I also say the word "crap" a lot. Because I can't say the f-word on this blog because Adsense will be mad at me if I do that.

I should cure cancer. I am good at figuring stuff out.

UPDATE: And you know what else? All the research I've done says that I should try to do "Search Engine Optimization" to target my ads to my specific niche of readers.

I really hope that you people have a vested interest in cats with bowel problems.

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