Saturday, October 17, 2009

Guess What I Did??

Did you see what I did with that last post? Aren't I a genius?

It really is as easy as that.

And guess what?

This is what I accomplished with this post (and this one):

1. I listed a bunch of high-value keywords

2. I repeated those keywords over and over in a story

3. I wrote content that was stupid but way more interesting than if I had simply listed those words over and over. And I might not even get in trouble with google.

4. I enticed my readers to click my ads (even though I know that I don't have to do that because you guys love me) by intriguing them about how a fictional character named Rosetta Stone lost weight with three simple rules.

5. I just found a way to work in the phrase "lost weight with three simple rules" again.

6. And again.

You guys,

This is so much fun.


cardiogirl said...

I've got to say, this is genius. I had AdSense on my blog for over a year.

You know what I "earned?" Yes, I'm using quotes because I can't use air quotes which is what I want to use.

Back to the question and its answer. I earned $26 before I disabled that mofo.

A YEAR! But now you have swept in and earned that in a month.

Kudos, my friend. And I really want to do the same thing, but I will not. Because you had the idea first and you have tons o' followers who will, indeed, click the links.

Well done.

Help said...

You can totally do the same thing! I don't mind. It is a fun way to earn a little bit of money and I think it is whitehat (I am told that that means "okay" in Adsense terms) as long as you don't tell anyone to click your ads. Just have fun with it! Maybe we can link to one another? It would be like a big conglomerate of blogs poking fun at SEO-optimized adslut bloggers. Let's do it!

Chelsey said...

See now, these ad people should be thrilled that you are doing this, because I clicked on all of the ads on your page, out of my own curiosity of course, and now I know that there is such thing as colored claw covers for your cat. And even though I don't have a cat, if I ever got a cat I would totally get those because I like my furniture to still have upholstery left on it, and even if I never got a cat if one of my friends were sad that their beautiful furniture was destroyed and they didn't believe in declawing because it's mean, I would tell them about these. And that is totally the point of advertising!