Saturday, October 17, 2009

Today In The Grocery Store

Boyfriend: "Fuji Apples for 78 cents a pound??!" (He really likes Fuji apples)

Me: (intending to observe that the apples are most likely locally grown and that is why they are so cheap) "Yeah, those are probably natural apples... from trees."

Boyfriend: "You mean like every apple ever?"

Me: "Wait... what? Crap."


Sara L. said...

I clicked every single ad because I am a true fan.

Or just a creepy stalker...

Does this make me creepy??

Now I'm stressed out.

Amber said...

Dude, I read all your posts and I was so confused because you said there would be ads and there weren't any ads. And then I remembered that I have AdBlocker on Firefox, so I don't even get a little red x or anything to tell me that I was missing something. So I opened your page in IE instead and got to see all your glorious ads and found out about pet insurance, which I totally need. For my dog. I don't have a cat because my husband won't let me because he says that we have "enough pets already!"