Sunday, October 18, 2009

Facts #3

I have to pee.

Really bad.

But I am such a procrastinator that I am actually going to procrastinate on attending to my physiological needs.

If I could procrastinate on breathing, I totally would.


Sarah P said...

I wait too long to pee, too. Like all the time. Probably because I'm awesomely lazy.

Now I'm going to go learn about how to get rid of my cat's tear stains because, let's face it, I'll never stop making my cat cry. That bitch has it coming.

Sarah P said...

That shit is crazy expensive!

Did you know your pet's tears could create a breeding ground below its eyes for parasites and bacteria?

But vitamin supplements will probably keep the mild to very noticeable smell at bay. That's where "Angels' Eyes" comes in handy.